Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ready for the FAA Checkride

I already have my Australia privileges recognized here in the States (which grants me an FAA certificate). This allows me to fly as long as my medical and flight review is valid.

Problem with this is that my medical and flight review expirations have passed, so it meant no flying for me.

The FAA are reasonable in that I was allowed to get a medical here in the US and they adjusted my file to allow me to fly on the third class medical so long as the Australian flight review was valid.

This is all well and good until that period of time expired and according to CASA regulations, I could only take a checkride with an Australian CFI and in Australian airspace. (So I couldn't find an Aussie CFI on holidays in the US and do the checkride).

Due to the extra complexity in gaining new ratings and certificates as well as owning an aircraft here in the US and also maintaining my flight review currency back in Australia; this prompted me to just pursue my full FAA certificate by passing the written (I got an 88%. A few silly mistakes), doing a Private oral and checkride.

I have spoken with a few DPE's and will get this done over the next week or so, pending weather.