Monday, June 06, 2011

FAA Checkride

Last week I started my FAA checkride to migrate my current FAA certificate (based on foreign privileges) to a full FAA certificate.

As previously mentioned, the process requires me to complete the written exam, be endorsed by a CFI (to sign off my IACRA application) and then find a DPE to conduct the oral portion of the certificate and then sign-off on my checkride.

I did mention weather on my last post and unfortunately I did have to ask for a discontinuance after the oral portion of the test. Winds were between 25 gusting to 35 in the area and continued for almost two days, so we also couldn't finish the following day.

We rescheduled for this coming Tuesday as the weather looked promising on forecasts, but now that seems to have turned sour as well, so I may have to hold it off again.

Sigh... I will get it done soon enough.