Monday, May 23, 2011


I am now in possession of RV10 plans for my birthday. A great 4 seater aircraft from Vans.

I've spoken about building an aircraft, which was going to start with the RV7 however my general "mission" when flying has changed somewhat.

The house I made an offer on that I expect to get has a great two car garage which will more than suit the building of the 10.

I will be in Maryland tomorrow, so I am also taking the opportunity to grab a ride in an RV10 with Mitch from Vans.

Aside from the building, which will take me a few years, I'm also looking to get a C182 or start a flying club with a few people I recently met at a Pilots of America forum FlyBQ at Wings field (KLOM).

The plan would be to start the building within the next 6-8 months as well as buying a 182 to take care of the interim flying.